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Posted by on Dec 13, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Do men really look after their skin?

I had to laugh at one of my dates at Luton escorts the other day. He was complaining about his skin being a bit dry and looking a bit wrinkled. I asked him if he actually looked after his skin. When he described his skin care routine, I always fell over. It seemed that his idea of looking after his face was to use a lot of after shave lotion. I explained that it was full of alcohol and may even cause a problem.
Skincare is for men too, but many of them don’t believe in it. I am sure that they think that they are never going to age, but that is not true at all. When I look at my gents at Luton escorts, I realize that good skincare is not a priority for them at all. I think that women are so much more of aware, but unless guy is married, you are not very likely to find him looking after skin. Perhaps it is all down to the look of beauty products.
There are some excellent skincare ranges for men, and they need them as much as ladies do. The only thing is that it is hard to sell products to men as they think they are a bit gay when they use skincare. But, like I said to one of my regulars at Luton escorts from, all men suffer from the same problems as ladies do. Making the appreciate that skincare can help them look younger is a real uphill struggle.
First of all, I think that is very unlikely that you will find men visiting skincare counters. You will get gay men visit skincare counters, but most men do not think that skincare counters look masculine enough. Speaking to my gents at Luton escorts, it is obvious that they only visit them to buy something for their wives. If skincare counters appealed a little bit more to men, I think that it would help a great deal. As a matter of fact, I have never known a man to visit a skincare counter for themselves.
I think that you need to be careful with packaging again. When you look at packaging for skincare for men, you will notice that a lot of the major brands follow the same packaging standards as for women. That does not sell skincare to men. You want a pretty girl on the box giving a guy a kiss, and you may be half way there. Simply there is not enough focus on selling skincare to gents. All of my gents at Luton escorts smell nice, but they really need to get some quality skincare. The trick is to know how to market skincare to men, and I am not sure that cosmetic companies are so keen to spend the money. I like to think that I have helped some men to improve their skincare routine, but I am not sure about that at all.

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